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Name:Nikola Tesla
Birthdate:Jul 10
Sex: Male

Age: 156

Date of Birth: July 10, 1856


Nikola Tesla is a part-human, part-vampire scientist who became a member of the Five in the mid 19th century.

An injection of pure vampire blood turned him into powerful abnormal, and he used his powers as well as his knowledge for many purposes, mostly serving himself.

(more @ Sanctuary wikia)


There is no question Nikola has an overinflated ego. He's obnoxious, arrogant, and hates to lose. He's constantly competing, even when the competition is perceived rather than real. He prefers working alone, and he typically views others as mere distractions. He is often quite vocal about feeling ordinary humans (or abnormals) are beneath him. They are hindrances to his work, and interfere with his focus.

Nikola's goal in life is to initiate the rebirth of his race, sanguine vampiris. There is little he would not do in order to achieve this objective. It can't be said he isn't proud of his heritage, and the history of his race has only fueled his ego. He feels, if vampires were once more in control, a new age of enlightenment and culture would occur, promoting peace and advancement.

Underneath his arrogance, disinterest, and thirst for world domination, Nikola has a surprising amount of vulnerability. Though, he hides it well, he is forever an optimist, and can sometimes view the world with the wonder of a child; but life has not always been kind to him, particularly during his earlier years. He learned to harden himself because, deep down, he is afraid of being hurt again. He makes a habit of not getting close or forming attachments.

As one might imagine, his personality has not won him an abundance of friends, and has earned him more than a few enemies, over the years; but in the end, Nikola's own worst enemy is himself.

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